Kurt Russell And Mel Gibson Will Star Together In A TV Show About The 1849 Gold Rush

How's that for an unlikely headline?

Head's up, Tequila Sunrise fans: Kurt Russell and Mel Gibson are reuniting for a new television series about the 1849 gold rush in San Francisco. 

Based on the book of the same name by Herbert Asbury, The Barbary Coast will be co-written, directed, and produced by Gibson, who will also appear in the series alongside Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson, of all people. Asbury's the guy who wrote Gangs Of New York, and it sounds like The Barbary Coast may feature a bit of that film's historical accuracy (trading New York for San Francisco, obviously) and brutality:

“Most people don’t know the scandalous history behind San Francisco, and The Barbary Coast offers a rich portrayal of a period when success was often attained through illicit and brutal means,” said Gordon in a statement. “I’m excited that Kurt and Kate are working together alongside Mel, whose astute direction will bring this devious time in our history to life.”

As of right now, no network is attached to the series, but The Barbary Coast's packing quite a bit of star power. If a network's willing to overlook the involvement of Mel Gibson - or, perhaps more specifically, the PR headache that might accompany the hiring of Mel Gibson - then it seems like the series could get picked up fairly quickly. Hell, I'd watch it. 

How 'bout you guys?