NOW YOU SEE ME 3 Gets The Director It Probably Deserves

Not said with any judgement!

Did you know that we live in the version of this universe in which Now You See Me is a big franchise? It’s been known for a while, but sometimes these things slip through the cracks of our collective memory, similar to the first Now You See Me movie as a whole.

Obviously, we have a sequel on the way. But a third movie is on the way as well. It won’t come out quite as soon, but it’s coming - regardless of how well Now You See Me 2 performs - and now it has a director. 

According to Variety, Jon M. Chu will return for Now You See Me 3. Chu directed Now You See Me 2, so he’s well versed in the world of magic heists. He also directed Step Up: 2 & 3, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. He’s the kind of director you want when you don’t want a director. But even that’s a step up from the first Now You See Me, which was directed by Louis Leterrier.