Don’t Get Punched By This HANDS OF STONE Trailer

Starring Reuben Blades!

There’s just something about boxing movies. It’s great to see an underdog work really hard to assert his or her dominance by beating the shit out of someone else in a square ring. Maybe I just love training montages in movies that aren’t 100% goofy.

And here comes another one called Hands of Stone:

As you can see from the trailer, Hands of Stone stars Edgar Ramirez and Robert De Niro (who you may remember from the boxing classic, Grudge Match) and focuses on the real life story of Robert Duran, a guy from Panama who fought Sugar Ray Leonard (while his little brother Darren changed his name to Duran and went into music). By the way, I didn’t recognize him, but that’s Usher playing Leonard.

What the trailer won’t tell you is that Reuben Blades is in this movie. That should be one ticket sold, right there. According to IMDB, Hands of Stone comes out August 26. But if you just Google it, you’ll discover it came out sometime in 2014. Dang, we all missed it!