Elizabeth Banks Reveals Her Rita Repulsa POWER RANGERS Outfit

Well, it’s definitely repulsa.

People Magazine (or Entertainment Weekly, it’s hard to tell) just revealed our first look at Elizabeth Banks as Power Rangers baddie, Rita Repulsa. And much as I love Banks and even have a soft spot for this character, I’m not sure what to think:

What this costume needs is a dad to say “You look sharp!” every time Repulsa comes downstairs for a date. But I don’t hate it. She has neat stuff going on with her face, and I like how dirty she is (if that is dirt).

Obviously, she doesn’t look much like the original Rita Repulsa, and I doubt she’ll sound like her either. So this’ll be more or less a whole different character. Luckily, Elizabeth Banks is great. Hopefully she’ll be able to make something of it. I’m also probably not going to see this movie.