Everyone Can Buy Mondo’s Jaw-Dropping New HATEFUL EIGHT Poster

Holy shit, you guys.

Taking this opportunity to just shut the hell up and let the image do the talking.

Feast your unworthy eyes upon this:

The Hateful Eight by Jason Edmiston

36x24" Screenprint / $55 Open Edition 

This is The Hateful Eight, by Jason Edmiston. It is, no bullshit, one of the best Mondo prints I've seen in a long, long time, and one of Edmiston's absolute best (you may remember him from last year's epic Halloween print). I mean, Jesus. Just look at that thing. And it's an open edition, so everyone gets one! 

What's an "open edition"? Well, that means that the edition size will be determined by the number of people who purchase one of these. If ten people buy one, only ten will be printed. If every man, woman, and child on the planet purchases one - as well they should - we can get rid of this tree problem altogether. The poster will go on sale via Mondo's website this Thursday (that's April 21st, 2016) at noon, CST, and will remain available for 72 hours (that's until Sunday, April 24th, at noon CST). You have that long to scratch $55 together.

And you should: not only will you get the awesome print above, but you may end up with the tube containing this original sketch, which will be randomly inserted in with one lucky Mondo fan's poster. For a piece of original art that would typically set you back thousands of dollars, $55 is a pretty good investment. That you get a high-quality poster on top of it should be considered a bonus. 

Once again: hit Mondo's website this Thursday at noon (CST) to purchase your print. You can spend the interim deciding which wall you'd like to hang it on.