This Might Be The Best WARCRAFT Trailer Yet

In which WARCRAFT seems to lean into the nerdiness.

Confession: I have not been pumped about Warcraft.

Oh, I may love Duncan Jones. I might enjoy the inherent goofiness of bearded men wearing giant shoulder pads. I might even appreciate a beautifully-rendered Orc from time to time. But until the trailer below came thundering into my life (just moments ago, via Facebook), I was not sold on Warcraft being a film I needed to see. But then...

Is it just me, or is this trailer selling a slightly different movie than past Warcraft trailers? I'm getting a subtle campy vibe here (see photo at the top of this post) that I wasn't picking up on before. The visuals - particularly the battle sequences - look brighter, more colorful. The whole thing feels less glum. Maybe I just haven't been paying close enough attention to the other trailers, but this one seems to be leaning into the nerdiness of the property in a way the others didn't. It feels more knowing, more fun. 

Hell, maybe I'm just in a particularly good mood. Whatever the case may be: I have looked upon the trailer above, and I have determined this to be the best Warcraft trailer yet. Indeed, it is the one which convinced me to see the film. I will hold my sword aloft as Duncan Jones flies me away to Deep Nerd Shit Kingdom on the back of a shrieking eagle. 

Warcraft opens on June 10th. You going or nah?