Bryan Cranston Takes On Pablo Escobar In The First Trailer For THE INFILTRATOR

Are you sick of movies where a government agent is compelled to go undercover on a big case, only to discover that juggling his familial obligations, cover, and sanity is far more difficult than he ever imagined?

OK, well, what if it starred Bryan Cranston? Wouldja be interested then?

Fine, fine. I get it. But you're already here, so you may as well go ahead and watch the trailer for Brad Furman's The Infiltrator, anyway.

Yes, we've seen this movie a million times over, but let's be honest: that looks like it could be good, right? Looks well-shot. It's got a strong cast. And, like Donnie Brasco before it, it's a real-life crime saga based on a book written by the dude who did the actual undercover work (in this case, a gentleman by the name of Robert Mazur). All of that makes me marginally more interested than I might be otherwise, with the added bonus of Cranston in a lead role.

God, I miss Breaking Bad

Anyway, The Infiltrator opens on July 15th. You into it or what?