Michael Keaton Won’t Be In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING After All

Pour one out for all those wonderful Birdman-Vulture jokes we didn’t get to make.

Last week, everyone was freaking out over the idea of Michael Keaton, former Batman and Birdman, joining Spider-Man: Homecoming in some villain role, likely the Vulture. We had a big party and everything where we listened to The Byrds and ate spiked birdseed.

But we partied too soon. Keaton was only in talks, which does not always mean a deal will happen. In this case, it didn’t. According to Deadline, Keaton is all done talking and has flown away from the project, leaving it looking for someone else.

That's a shame. But when one door closes another opens! This is just speculation, but if you watch this interview with Jeff Goldblum from yesterday, there’s a bit where he teases that he may soon join a superhero film (check the 2:34 mark):

You never know. Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Vulture may be a former fly instead of a former bat. That would definitely work for me.