Remember David Goyer’s KRYPTON TV Show? It’s back

Syfy finally orders a pilot.

Word of a David Goyer show about Superman’s home planet Krypton has been out there since 2014. News of it popped up again last October. One gets the feeling it’s one of those things we’ll hear about forever but will never actually happen.

But now that’s not the case. According to The Wrap, Syfy is about to order a pilot for the show. They could always reject the pilot once it’s made, but I imagine if it’s at all decent they’ll put the show on. And just like that, we’ll have a new DC TV show.

The early word on this was that it would take place in the same version of Krypton (budget willing) we saw in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. I sure hope so because that was far and away the coolest part of that movie, dragons and penis-ships and all.

The show will take place two generations before Krypton blows up, focusing on Superman’s grandpa as he deals with dumb Krypton knuckleheads. It’ll be interesting to see what this show looks like should we get the chance, but I never go anywhere without my healthy distrust of David Goyer in tow. That applies here as well.