BONE TOMAHAWK Director S. Craig Zahler’s Next Film Is BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99

And Vince Vaughn's starring in it!

It's no secret that the entire BMD crew were big, huge, raving fans of S. Craig Zahler's Bone Tomahawk. We loved it at Fantastic Fest. We loved it on Blu-ray. We loved it in poster form. Hell, a few of us even named it as one of the year's best films. If we, as a team, have not convinced you to see that movie yet, we have truly failed you. Also, stop reading this article and go watch Bone Tomahawk

For those of you who've already seen Zahler's film, there's good news: he's making another one. The Hollywood Reporter's got the exclusive report:

Vince Vaughn is going to prison. The continuing his recent dramatic wave by signing on to star in Brawl in Cell Block 99, a brutal action thriller from Caliber Media and XYZ Films.

The movie hails from writer-director S. Craig Zahler and is serving as his follow up to Bone Tomahawk, the cannibal Western that proved to be a commercial and critical indie hit last year, even snagging two Independent Spirit Awards nominations.

First of all: it's very exciting that Zahler's already got a new project lined up. Bone Tomahawk was a helluva debut, strong enough to get me interested in virtually anything he does next. That it's a "brutal action thriller" set in a prison pleases me greatly.

The plot (also according to The Hollywood Reporter) centers around a retired boxer (Vince Vaughn) who gets mixed up in some drug-dealing shenanigans after his life and marriage fall apart. One thing leads to another, and Vaughn's character ends up in prison, where "his enemies force him to commit acts of violence that turn the place into a savage battleground". My suspicion is that this film is going to be very violent. Good.

We're very excited to hear more about Brawl In Cell Block 99, and will keep you informed as updates come in. Feel free to quote Bone Tomahawk in the comments below while you're waiting on those updates to arrive.