Did You Guys Know Eddie Murphy’s Starring In A New Drama Called MR. CHURCH?

We didn't, and it's sort of our job to know things like this!

So, look, here's the thing: we had no idea Eddie Murphy was starring in a new drama called Mr. Church. Not only is this weird because, y'know, it's sort of our job to know this stuff is happening, but it's also weird because we're all pretty big Eddie Murphy fans here at BMD. How did this escape our attention?

It's shot and everything! It's playing tonight at Tribeca! Look, here's a clip!


I realize now, in my haste to prove Mr. Church's existence to you, that I provided no context for the above clip. Here's how Entertainment Weekly's describing the film:

The drama takes place in Los Angeles throughout the 1960s, where a young girl and her cancer-stricken mother form a close bond with a hired cook after a six-month service gig blossoms into a 15-year friendship. Costarring Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland, The Longest Ride) and Natascha McElhone (Californication) in a script written by Susan McMartin (Two and a Half Men), Mr. Church was directed by two-time Oscar-nominee Bruce Beresford (Tender MerciesDriving Miss Daisy).

Huh! So that's interesting. Eddie Murphy does not often go the dramatic route. Almost never, in fact. His one and only attempt (unless you're counting Life, which is admittedly debatable) arrived a full decade ago, and famously resulted in Murphy losing a Best Supporting Actor Oscar to Alan Arkin (for Little Miss Sunshine). Word 'round the campfire was that the loss really devastated Murphy, and that it was unlikely he'd take another stab at drama any time soon. I suppose that turned out to be largely correct - it has, after all, been ten years - but still: this is surprising to see, no?

Beyond tonight's screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, there doesn't seem to be any information available regarding the film's release date. IMDb lists tonight's Tribeca screening, plus a November opening for the film...in the Netherlands. Here's hoping the word out of Tribeca is strong, and that we get to see more from this one sooner rather than later. 

Also, here's a poster. It's alright.