Anthony Weiner Documentary, WEINER, Gets A Trailer Filled With Weiner

This looks fascinating.

According to those who have already seen Weiner - the movie and not any other kind of weiner - the film’s biggest hallmark is an unprecedented amount of access to its subject, particularly when you consider that subject is a politician in the midst of a sex scandal.

Looking at this trailer, that definitely appears to be the case:

This is going to be amazing. It looks like a hilarious mockumentary, but all this stuff really happened (unless it's a really well-orchestrated long-form Sacha Baron Cohen gag). And for whatever reason, Weiner just let the cameras capture everything. How could anyone not want to see that?

Of course, the other side of all this Carlos Danger stuff is Weiner’s likability and fire, making his political fall somewhat tragic as well as funny. It seems the documentary captures that, too.

Weiner comes out May 26. I can’t wait.