Looks Like Neill Blomkamp Really Is Planning To Bring ALIENS’ Newt Back To Life

Doesn't seem to be any other way to interpret this.

As we all know, Neill Blomkamp is gearing up for his very own foray into the Alien franchise. We know Sigourney Weaver's onboard. We know the film will arrive sometime after Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant. And, on several occasions, we've been given reason to believe that Blomkamp's Alien would somehow take place immediately following the events of James Cameron's Aliens

"But what about Alien 3?", someone screams, not unreasonably, from the back of the room. 

What about Alien 3, indeed. Would Blomkamp's Alien really ignore the events of David Fincher's Alien 3? At one point, it certainly sounded that way

And now this just happened.



Alien day

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Yes, that's a brand-new piece of concept art posted by Blomkamp to his Instagram feed, and it seems to confirm what we heard from Michael Biehn last year.

Here's my issue here: you don't get an adult Newt without either a) ignoring the opening of Alien 3, or b) employing more of the cloning nonsense that plagued Alien: Resurrection. Either one of those options strikes me as a spectacularly bad idea. 

How 'bout you guys?

PS: Now would be a great time for all of us, Blomkamp included, to revisit this classic Devin post.