LA: Get Free Tickets To See ALIENS Tomorrow On LV-426 Day!

With a Q&A featuring Vasquez, Newt and more!

Tomorrow is 4/26, a date that is very similar to LV-426, the planet upon which the Xenomorph is found in Alien and Aliens. To celebrate this the Alamo Drafthouse is doing Alien Day all over this great nation of ours; special screenings of Aliens will be combined with cool and limited Mondo opportunities, like a vinyl soundtrack filled with liquid, a killer new Alien-themed sweater, kick-ass shirts and some of the coolest posters Mondo has released in forever (which is saying something). You can check out where Alien Day is happening near you by clicking here. 

If you live in LA things are about to get good for you. Alien Day is happening at the Ace Theaer in Downtown Los Angeles, and this screening will feature a Q&A hosted by the great Matt Gourley. He'll be talking to Jenette Goldstein ("Vasquez"), Carrie Henn ("Newt") and Ricco Ross ("Frost"), and I want you to be there for the magic. I want you to be there so badly that I am giving away ten pairs of tickets to the show! It's at 7:45pm tomorrow and it's going to be a great time. Hell, just seeing Aliens on that gorgeous big screen at the Ace is exciting, but the Q&A and Mondo opportunities push this whole thing over the top. 

How do you win a pair of tickets? Simply email me at devincf at with ALIENS in the subject line. I need to get the list of winners to the Ace by the end of the day in LA today, so you have until 4pm or so to get your entry in. Don't miss this!