Nathan Fillion Will Be Wonder Man In The MCU

Well, sort of. Maybe. Like as a joke.

One of the great Marvel characters who gets no respect is Simon WIlliams, Wonder Man. Once a villain, his brainwaves were used as the basis of The Vision's personality and he was later resurrected and became a stunt man in Hollywood - seriously one of the coolest uses of super powers this side of NFL SuperPro. I've been wondering when Marvel Studios would wise up and use Wonder Man in something, as his combination of Hollywood vanity, deep insecurity and dunder-headed sweetness just makes for a great translation to the big screen. Also, his best costume is just a turtleneck, a red jacket and sunglasses. He fucking rules in that outfit.

It turns out that Simon Williams will be coming to the MCU, but maybe in less of an exciting way than I hoped. Someone down in Georgia stumbled upon some location shooting for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, now in production in Atlanta, and saw something very cool: a movie theater showing a "Simon Williams Film Festival." There were numerous movie posters outside the theater, all for fake films starring Williams. My favorite: Haxan 2, with the tagline "You'll witch you never met him." Gold!

Here are the images:


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Worth noting! There's a Tony Stark biopic poster here, done in the design style of Steve Jobs. That's an important thing, because it means this sequence is sometime in the modern day - ie, we're not looking at a flashback to the 80s where young Peter Quill is walking past a movie theater. This doesn't mean we're looking at a scene where the Guardians come to Earth during the course of the movie, though - it's not impossible that this sequence is the end credits tag. I suspect that at the very least Star-Lord will be returning to Earth at some point, as the Russos have already said they're exciting about working with Chris Pratt on Infinity War

Oh, and that guy playing Simon Williams in the posters? It's Nathan Fillion, James Gunn's good pal who had a cameo as a voice in Guardians 1. Does this mean Fillion is cast as Simon Williams? Not really - it looks like just a cute Easter Egg - but it would be decent casting if Simon Williams actually became a real part of the MCU. Fillion can do the clueless confidence thing that a Wonder Man would need. And I've always thought that Wonder Man should be a TV show - sort of The Fall Guy, but with a superhero - and Fillion is perfectly TV level casting. 

By the way, there's a secondary Easter Egg in these pics - one of Simon Williams' movies is called Arkon. Arkon is a fairly weird extra-dimensional character first introduced in The Avengers. But the Easter Egg is even deeper - in the comics Simon Williams did star in a movie about Arkon, an Arkon tried to kill him for the insult. I raise a glass to Marvel Studios on that one.

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