If You Ever Wanted To Read JERRY MAGUIRE’s Entire 25-Page Memo, Today Is Your Huckleberry

For those with a little extra time on their hands because they just wrote their way out of a job.

The internet is a strange place filled with all types of momentos to please fans of this or that goofy thing. It’s also a place where famous (or, almost famous) people can share things directly with those fans just on a whim.

This is like a combination of those two things. If you go to Cameron Crowe’s official website, you can now read Jerry Maguire’s 25-page memo, “The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business”, in its entirety. And I guess if you’re really hard up for an interesting way to get fired from your job, you can probably plagiarize it like crazy.

We only heard snippets from the tome in the actual movie. I like to think that was plenty, but some people are just completists. If that’s you, rest assured you have my respect. If that’s not you, you also have my respect. My respect is worthless.