The First Trailer For Stephen King’s CELL Adaptation Is Here

Guys, someone turned a Stephen King story into a MOVIE. Can you imagine?

Alright, show of hands: who forgot they were making an adaptation of Stephen King's Cell? Y'know, the one where cell phones turn people into bloodthirsty lunatics? 

No, really! Tod Williams (Paranormal Activity 2) is directing, from a script by King and Adam Alleca. Former 1408 castmates John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson are heading up the cast (which also includes Stacy Keach!). It's even got a release date: July 8th for theaters, and June 10th for Ultra VOD (if ya nasty).

And now there's a trailer! It looks...well, here:

Alright. Admittedly, it looks like maybe Cell will be a just a little too underbudgeted for its own good (is it just me, or does a lot of this look really flat?), but I'm entertained enough by what's on display here to give Williams' film its day in court. Plus I really wanna find out if they stick with the novel's terrible ending. 

What do you guys think?