Another CIVIL WAR TV Spot, Another New Second Of Spider-Man Footage

They’re really worried people with TV’s might not know this movie exists.

For those counting, this is Captain America: Civil War’s thirty-second TV spot. I don’t know what a normal number of TV spots for a big-ass movie might be, but that seems especially high. And like idiots, we keep coming back to them in hopes of seeing some new footage.

Well, in that regard, this new one won’t let you down:

There you have it! You just got an additional second of banter between Spider-Man and Tony Stark that ends with Spidey saluting Captain America. Maybe you were unsure about the film before. But now… now you’re sold.

Of course, this is just how the machine works, and I can’t deny it’s fun. But I’m also all set for this movie to come out and be awesome already.

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