BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Trailer Looks Amazingly Bad

Don’t get your hopes up.

DC’s upcoming animated adaptation of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke is kind of a big deal. For one thing, it reunites Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as the voices of the Joker and Batman. Furthermore, it’s fucking rated R. If you need your Batman grim and gritty, getting an R-rated version in a cartoon feels like a two-for-one.

And then you have the shadow of this particular story. Say what you want about its legacy, but The Killing Joke is one of the big ones.

So why does it look so awful?

When I saw “awful”, I’m speaking mostly about the animation and art. I don’t know much about animation production, but it really looks like some major corners were cut to get this out there. Why would you do that? Undoubtably, more eyes are going to be on this than, say, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. I don’t understand giving those eyes something so cheap looking. And I’m not just saying that because of the money Marvel gives me.

Batman: The Killing Joke comes out in July.