CAPTAIN FANTASTIC Trailer Wants You To Cry A Lot

Your mom will probably love this movie. And not just because Viggo allegedly hangs dong.

When word first got out about Captain Fantastic, a movie about a weird genius who raises all his kids in a forest, I got the impression it’d be a cool comedy. Judging by this trailer, it is instead a wannabe cool drama:

I mean, look at that screenshot above and try not to feel disappointment at this Walter Mitty-like trailer. I want that movie! I’m way less sure about what we ended up with.

On the other hand, this could be a totally misleading trailer. I hope it is because I really want to like Captain Fantastic. First of all, bad movies shouldn’t have titles like that. Second of all, it was directed by Silicon Valley’s Matt Ross. And third of all, Viggo Mortensen apparently hangs dong in it, and that shouldn’t go to waste.

We’ll see when Captain Fantastic comes out this summer.