Katheryn Winnick Joins THE DARK TOWER

No idea who she's playing, though.

Hot on the heels of some not-quite-official set photos comes a bit more Dark Tower news: Katheryn Winnick is joining the cast.

And that's about all we know! The Hollywood Reporter just made it official, and they don't identify which character Winnick might be playing.

But I were a betting man, I'd guess that Winnick is playing Allie, the lonely, doomed bartender that Roland encounters in Tull. She's in the Goldsman draft of the script, and...well, she serves essentially the same function she served in the first installment of Stephen King's epic series. Do with that information what you will. 

If you're familiar with Winnick, it's probably because you recognize her from Vikings, the Katherine Heigl comedy Killers, or the Matthew McConaughey vehicle Failure To Launch (hey, that makes The Dark Tower a rom-com reunion!). I've not seen any of those things, so I can't say for sure that she's in them. We're really just blindly trusting IMDb on this one, guys.

The Dark Tower is currently shooting in South Africa. I'm guessing we'll see some official photos soon enough.