The First Not-Quite-Official Photos From THE DARK TOWER Have Appeared Online

There's even a logo!

UPDATE: One day later and only a few photos remain (notably the prosthetic photos, which indicate that those definitely aren't prosthetics from The Dark Tower). Sorry to anyone who didn't get a chance to see them! We're going to leave the post up in order to preserve the conversation at the bottom of the page. 

You can find some really interesting stuff online if ya know where to look.

The first pictures from the set of Sony's The Dark Tower, for instance, which are popping up in select places over on Instagram. The key, of course, is to search using the #DarkTower hashtag, which members of the film's crew have thoughtfully included in their posts. Very convenient! 

Let's take a look. First up, via Instagram user Chad Waller (a South African prosthetics artist), we've got a look at the film's logo...or, the one they're using on-set, anyway.


The following prosthetics are not tagged #DarkTower, and I don't recall a "Demonic Nun" in the Dark Tower script, but...these shots are from the same time period, and this certainly looks like the sort of creature effects we might expect from the film (which will include Can-toi, vampires, and other nasty demons).



Let's see what else we can find. Over on Instagram user Sonia Couto's page, some on-set tutoring is taking place. 



Elsewhere, set designer and Instagram user @jostuartfox is dealing with "another logistical nightmare" on-set. 



Another logistical nightmare day in the office! Off to Blyde river this beauty goes! #darktower

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He's also building fireplaces for a village, which I suspect may be for the Manni village featured in the script. 



Meanwhile, stuntman and Instagram user Francois Grobbelaar has a look at the terrain Arcel's been filming in. 



The road to civilisation. Awesome 2 x days of work in the Cederberg. �� #stuntlife #darktower #321action #lovemyjob

A photo posted by Francois Grobbelaar (@stuntman1974) on


And, finally, here's a concept sketch from an artist (and Instagram user @big_diff_) currently working in Cape Town. It may or may not be a sketch of Idris Elba in full Roland Deschain mode. 



Cowboy#cowboy#sketchbook#practice#ink #practice

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Keep your eyes peeled, folks. There's surely more of this stuff out there. If you find it, please drop some links in the comments below!  

NOTE: Header illustration by Alex Rodway, who's got other badass Dark Tower fan art you can see here.