This Is The Post-Credits Scene Foreign Audiences Are Seeing On CIVIL WAR

But will the US have another tag?

Captain America: Civil War is already playing a number of international markets, making a mockery of its title as the film remains in the future for Americans. But since it's playing in real release elsewhere, Marvel has appended a post-credits tag to the film, one they had kept secret from the press during the initial screening process. And because I know people who live in other countries, I now know what the final credits tag is. If you want to know, read on. 

By the way, we're talking about the FINAL credits sequence. There's a mid-credits sequence that is part of the story and the character arcs that has been playing for critics for over a month.

But first: the fact that international audiences are getting just one end of credits tag doesn't mean that the US will get just one. The Russos hinted that there could be three tags this time, and in the past Marvel has added tags to the US releases of their movies that didn't appear on international releases (only the US got the schwarma scene in the original Avengers, due to the fact that it was filmed after the premiere). So who knows what domestic crowds will see at the end of the film next week. 

Okay, and now it's minor spoiler time: 

The post-credits tag features Spider-Man. It's short, and the basic set up here is that {Spoiler removed!}. Then there's a bit of onscreen text that says "Spider-Man Will Return," which is the usual James Bond thing (and which Marvel has done a couple of times as well). 

So that's it! It's not the earth-shaker we were kind of hoping for - not a Doctor Strange peek or a look at the Hulk in space, making his way to Thor: Ragnarok. But still, any extra Spidey is good by me.