Alicia Vikander Will Be Lara Croft In TOMB RAIDER

This Lara already has some gold - Oscar gold! (Sorry)

The search for the new Lara Croft is over - Alicia Vikander will play the role in the reboot of Tomb Raider

That's a huge get. Vikander just won an Oscar (for The Danish Girl, although it should have been for Ex Machina) and she has all the heat in the world right now. I imagine every franchise has been knocking on her door, and this is the one she chose. I'm not a huge Tomb Raider guy, but I'm glad she did - this is a franchise that is hers. She's not part of an expanded universe or a spin off or anything, she's just anchoring the whole deal. That's pretty cool.

She's a great, great actor, by the way, so her casting in this movie automatically makes it a must-see for me. I'm glad they opted for someone who is more than a pretty face or a great butt for the poster. That gives me hope for the movie. Also the fact that Vikander likely has her pick of roles right now and she chose this movie makes me hopeful, much in the same way that Michael Fassbender chose Assassin's Creed makes me more hopeful for that film. 

Good luck, Alicia, and I hope you push boulders and solve puzzles and swing on vines into great success.