Will Ferrell Won’t Be Playing An Alzheimer’s-Afflicted Ronald Reagan, After All

Welp, that didn't last very long.

A few days ago, we brought you the news that Will Ferrell would be playing an Alzheimer's-afflicted Ronald Reagan in Reagan. At the time, no one seemed to think this was a particularly tasteful leaping-off point for a comedy, and we even wondered what studio might be willing to pick up such a project.

As it turns out, the question is now moot

Days after announcing his attachment to play Ronald Reagan in the hot spec Reagan, Will Ferrell has parted ways with the project.

Following the announcement that Will Ferrell would be starring and producing the pic, Reagan’s supporters, including his children Patti Davis and Michael Reagan, began sharing their distaste in the project specifically the project’s take on Reagan’s dementia.

Indeed, the (justifiable) outrage over Reagan arrived quickly, and once Reagan's children got involved it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the plug got pulled. Say what you will about Ronald Reagan - no, really, I don't give a shit - but a big-budget comedy mocking anyone with Alzheimer's, particularly someone who hasn't been dead all that long, strikes me as wildly questionable at best. You'd not only be alienating Reagan's family (an admittedly small demographic) and hard-right Republicans, but you'd also be running the risk of angering anyone with a family member afflicted with the disease. And anyone empathetic to those people. 

This is normally where I'd say "stay tuned for updates", but let's be real: it seems extremely unlikely that Reagan will ever get made now that Ferrell's pulled out of the project.