Hear A Particularly Lame David Bowie Cover In The New Trailer For CALL OF DUTY: INFINITE WARFARE

The new CALL OF DUTY offers its rage-filled fanbase a trip to space.

Hey, look: today they revealed the trailer for Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The reveal that the next Call Of Duty will take players to outer space is not particularly surprising - the series has been heading in this direction for a while now - but it is particularly good news for anyone who's ever dreamed of being called a "n00b faggot" by a 9-year-old while drifting amongst the stars. 

It is here that I must confess that I have no love for Call Of Duty. The game's largely toxic fanbase has made sure that I will never, ever pick up another Call Of Duty game (I'm more of a Battlefield guy, and have found that game's multiplayer community to be far more welcoming and cooperative), regardless of what new tricks it has up its sleeve. I also do not approve of lame David Bowie covers, full stop, so this trailer really wasn't for me.

But admittedly, a new Call Of Duty game is a big deal. Legitimate news. So here we are. Do with it what you will.