Here’s How The Alamo Drafthouse Celebrated ALIEN DAY

Plus: a brief interview with Mondo Creative Director Jay Shaw!

Last week, the Alamo Drafthouse celebrated the first-ever Alien Day, and the results were pretty spectacular: there were special guests, brand-new posters from the Mondo crew, liquid-filled LPs, kick-ass pint glasses, an Alien/Aliens double-bill, and everyone in attendance received the greatest Ripley t-shirt of all time. It was a blast, and we've got the photos to prove it. 

Check out said photos (and a brief, exclusive interview with Mondo Creative Director Jay Shaw) below. 

When did you guys first hear about Alien Day? How long did you have to prepare all your drops?

We heard about Alien Day during a visit to 20th Century Fox last year. They let us know they were planning this big day around all things Alien so we jumped all over the opportunity to participate. We started putting things together immediately after that meeting.

Your Alien print is a stunner: it's printed on polyester film. Can you talk a little bit about how it was created? 

Thanks! That’s an idea I’ve had for a while now. I thought it’d be fun to recreate an item from Ash’s med lab. 

The image is a bit of an amalgamation of photographic collage and illustration. A traditional x-ray is mostly black with lighter imagery. To match the aesthetic of the medical elements in the film, I went with a reverse of that scheme. We had it printed at CBS Studios in Los Angeles. They’ve got a great print shop on the lot. They can pretty much recreate anything. 

That liquid-filled vinyl soundtrack you guys were selling was also really cool. I don't have a question here, I just want to go on record as saying that thing was badass. 

Yeah, that’s a fun one. It felt really appropriate for a special item here. Curtis Godino is the madman who made those for us. He made each one by hand. 

Back To The Future got its own day. Alien got its own day. If you had your way, what other film would get a national day of celebration, and why?

November, 2019: Blade Runner Day. Because it’s a goddamn masterpiece and I want lots of people to make things for it. 

Anything fun on the horizon you'd like to tease?  

Stay outta the water. 

Special thanks to the good folks at 20th Century Fox, Mondo (particularly Jay Shaw!), Fons PR, Lindsey Reed of Bells & Whistles Productions for all these awesome photos, and the Alamo Drafthouse for putting together another in a long line of awesome events. 

Did you make it to Alien Day at the Drafthouse? Sound off below! We wanna hear about it!