Justin Lin To Direct Next Episode Of The SPACE JAM Saga

Probably not the headline you imagined reading today.

Listen up, everybody, because here comes a sentence:

Justin Lin, you know, from Fast and Furious fame, is going to make a Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James. LeBron James in a basketball player. Space Jam is a movie (series now, I guess) where Looney Tunes characters play basketball.

I like Justin Lin. That’s about the only positive thing I can say on this one. Basketball isn’t my thing. Neither are Looney Tunes for the most part. And I never fell into that weird love for the original Space Jam I sometimes see people display.

But I know you folks are out there, so I suppose this is for you. I'll just sit it out. Even you must agree, though, that Justin Lin should probably be out there making awesome action films instead of directing cartoon characters and athletes. Perhaps there’s a goofy childlike side to Lin we haven’t seen yet. The script is being worked on now, so we’ll probably be hearing more about this soon.