Karl Urban Says A DREDD Series Might Actually Be Happening


A few weeks ago, we heard some chatter about a Dredd TV series. This chatter wasn't official - this was yet another fan-generated "Let's start a petition to make this thing happen!" situation, along with a thumb's up from Dredd star Karl Urban - and at the time we sort of shrugged it off. Fan petitions happen all the time, and (for the most part) don't seem to have any real bearing on Hollywood's thought process. 

Well, about that:

During his panel Saturday afternoon at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, Urban reportedly said "conversations are happening" about that Dredd series at one of those two streaming services.

Now, that's pretty tenuous stuff. Conversations are happening all the time in Hollywood, and they don't always lead to a finalized product. But it is encouraging to hear that somebody's interested enough to have that chat in the first place, and lord knows many of us would be thrilled to see Urban step back into the particular role. Dredd's a great little movie, one deserving of so much more than the lukewarm reception it received upon release. 

Will this lead anywhere? Who knows! But it's fun to imagine such a thing happening, and we're absolutely rooting for it to progress beyond the "conversation" stage. How 'bout you guys?