See Kathryn Hahn Guzzle A Gallon Of Milk In The Red-Band Trailer For BAD MOMS

I mean, if that's your thing. (It should be.)

In February, I visited the Bad Moms set in New Orleans, and I was truly blessed to watch multiple takes of Kathryn Hahn slow-motion guzzling an entire gallon of milk. Well, pretend milk, but even still: this was one of the greatest moments of my life, and I'm happy to see that scene made the red-band trailer, out today:

Hahn joins Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell as three moms who are tired of all the shit they're dealt and ready to cut loose. When speaking to Hahn, Kunis and Bell, it was clear that this story meant something to all three women - moms, every one of them - and it's a premise that we should all be able to get behind. Moms deserve a break. If they need to make mid-air alcoholic milkshakes and ingurgitate them in the middle of grocery store aisles to cope, then god bless 'em. 

Bad Moms is written and directed by The Hangover's Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. It hits theaters July 29.