THE MARTIAN’s Getting An Extended Cut On Blu-Ray

Will you double-dip for 10 more minutes of footage and a new commentary track?

According to a new listing over at DVD Active, we're about to get a brand-new extended edition of Ridley Scott's The Martian on Blu-ray.

What's it include? An additional 10 minutes' worth of footage not shown in theaters, a new audio commentary (featuring Ridley Scott, screenwriter Drew Goddard, and The Martian's author, Andy Weir), a handful of deleted scenes, and a trio of new featurettes (at least, I think they're new): "The Long Way Home: Making The Martian", "Dare Mighty Things: NASA's Journey To Mars", and "Journey To Mars 101 Q&A".   

All of this sounds good, and I'm certainly interested in seeing what's in that 10 minutes' worth of new footage, but...this feels like a particularly egregious double-dip, right? The Martian only just hit Blu-ray a few months ago, and now we're getting a new version? Not entirely shocking, I suppose, but still. Kind of shitty.

This new version of The Martian arrives on June 7th. You gonna trade in your (five months) old copy of the original for it or what?