Good News, Everyone! They’re Making A BLUES BROTHERS Cartoon!

What a swell idea!

The Blues Brothers is a classic. Even if you don’t love the movie, its status is hard to deny. You can deny its sequel, Blues Brothers 2000, all day long, though. And if you really want, you can probably go ahead and pre-deny this upcoming animated series.

That’s right! According to Deadline, Dan Aykroyd and Judy Belushi are working with Bento Box Entertainment to get a prime time Blues Brothers cartoon out there. It’s not attached to a network yet, but they plan on shopping it around this month. The concept is one Aykroyd and Belushi have been trying to get off the ground for a decade.

I can’t imagine any good coming of this, but you never know. Bento Box Entertainment deals with Bob’s Burgers, and everyone loves that show. Maybe they can figure out a way to make the Blues Brothers work as an animated series. But I kind of doubt it. Because I’m just one pessimistic son of a bitch.