Radiohead Returns To The Internet…With A Stop-Motion Horror Remake

“Burn The Witch” is here, and it’s charming and horrible.

Two days ago, Radiohead erased their entire online presence, leading to fun/fevered speculation as observers placed bets on what the band would unveil upon returning. A concept album? A VR interactive experience? A weird PR stunt that would overshadow the work itself?

Well, rejoice friends: Radiohead’s sabbatical has finally ended, and if your money was on “stop-motion adaptation of The Wicker Man,” congratulations!

The Chris Hopewell-directed video looks, to my eye, to be shot on film and as it unfolded, the revelation of what it was doing put a huge grin on my face. It’s not exactly Lemonade, but also, for Radiohead, it kind of is? As for the song itself, there's a rumor that it's a song Radiohead has had tucked away for a bit. It certainly sounds like that could be the case. Love it? Hate it? Never saw The Wicker Man and cranky about spoilers? Weigh in below.