Daisy Ridley And Naomi Watts To Offer Ophelia’s Side Of The HAMLET Story

It’s more complicated than you might think.

You probably know the story of Hamlet. Guy wants revenge for his father’s murder. He might be crazy. Either way, pretty much everyone around him gets killed. It’s a blast!

One of those dead people is Ophelia, a character who, like many characters in Hamlet, represents different things to different people without many of those interpretations being totally wrong. In 2006, author Lisa Klein wrote a YA version of Hamlet from Ophelia’s point of view. Now they’re making that into a movie.

According to Variety, both Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts are in negotiations to star in Ophelia. Ridley would play Ophelia with Watts as Queen Gertrude. Don’t worry too much about watching poor Daisy Ridley drown, though. The book does all kinds of different things with the story. I’m not so sure about Gertrude, though. I think she's still pretty screwed.

I'm excited for this to come out, particularly to see how much of an asshole they make their Hamlet. I love the play, but if I'm going to sit through it again, a little variety certainly won't hurt.