FLASH Facts: Rupture

A character so useless they named him thrice.

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Way back when, we discussed the comic origins of Vibe, a character who was killed off three years after showing up, only to be brought back and killed again. Maybe now that he’s a TV star, Vibe will get a better shot at living through a storyline in the comics. I don’t think the same can be said for his brother Armando, aka Reverb, aka Hardline, aka Rupture.

When (I thought I wouldn’t have to go back to this terrible origin for Vibe) Paco (later to be renamed Francisco), the leader of breakdancing gang El Lobos, quit to join the Justice League, his brother, Armando, who also had vibrational powers, stayed behind. When Paco, now known to the world as Vibe, died fighting alongside his JLA family, Armando felt the need to become a hero himself. He put away his cardboard mat and made himself a costume, taking on the name Reverb.

Reverb’s first real mark was when he joined The Conglomerate - in the late '80s and early '90s, the Justice League was a UN funded team put together by Maxwell Lord. Max’s ex-wife, who was more into straight up corporate greed, formed her own superhero team - The Conglomerate - with funding from various multi-billion dollar corporations. The team was lead by Booster Gold, once a member of MAx’s Justice League. The Conglomerate didn't last long - they weren’t a very good team, and Booster Gold rejoined the Justice League. Reverb, who at some point changed his name to Hardline, wasn’t a very good superhero, so he quit the hero business and opened a nightclub. Then he was forgotten for around 20 years.

When Armando did show up again, in the New 52 era of DC, his origin was changed to be less offensive. Armando was believed to be the first human killed in Darkseid’s invasion of Earth, but in reality he was saved by Mordeth, who healed him, brainwashed him, gave him a sweet suit and weapon, then sent him out to kill her daughter, Gypsy. Now called Rupture, Armando had no memories of his previous life until he saw Vibe. Armando decided, for some reason, that he wouldn’t just kill Gypsy, he would kill his own brother too.

Then Vibe’s New 52 comic was cancelled and neither he nor Rupture have been important in any comic since then.

You may have noticed that on The Flash, Cisco’s brother’s name is Dante, not Armando. In the New 52 comics, Cisco and Armando had a brother named Dante who was shot and killed. I don’t know why the peeps behind The Flash chose to use Dante instead of Armando, but they did.

Whatever the reason, I don’t think it matters much. Rupture, who was the Earth Two version of Dante is dead, and I don’t think we’ll be seeing Earth One Dante come around too often. I’m kinda bummed that they used up Rupture so fast. He looked cool, and his scythe was real neat. As I mentioned in the Vibe article, the powers of Vibe and Rupture can mess with Flash’s connection to the Speed Force, so Rupture could have been a real problem for Barry. Who knows, maybe Earth One Dante will become Rupture in the future.


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