Andrew Garfield Follows IT FOLLOWS Director Onto IT FOLLOWS Follow-Up

You follow?

It Follows was a pretty divisive horror film last year. Some folks really cottoned to its quirky world-building and skewed take on “horror movie rules,” while others decried it as overhyped and lacking in the “second coming of horror” department. Pet theory: that second group was mostly sterotypical horror fans with often giant chips on their shoulders, probably from abandonment issues or something. When those fans see “normals” loving something in THEIR genre, they tend to walk into those movies with one eye set to “stink” (see also: The Witch).

Anyway, I’m glad that the collective fans of neo-noir aren’t quite so hostile and binary about their turf. (The preceding sentence works only on the assumption that there’s some neo-noir fan community out there, sipping coffee and sitting around all cool and nuanced in their appreciation of a given genre entry’s merits. That’s probably true; let’s go with it.) So fans of neo-noir thrillers will be rightly excited to hear that writer/director David Robert Mitchell’s follow-up to It Follows is the Los Angeles-set crime thriller Under The Silver Lake. It’s being produced by Michael DeLuca, Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, and Adele Romanski. I’m damn curious to see what an "LA neo-noir thriller" flick from Mitchell looks like; It Follows built on existing genre tradition in exciting aesthetic ways, and it’ll be fun to see that approach turned loose on a crime flick.

The big news today about Under The Silver Lake is that Andrew Garfield is on board to star. Garfield’s been hustling to move past the raw deal he was given on the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, and his slate – this film, a Scorsese project called Silence, and Mel Gibson’s WWII drama Hacksaw Ridge – is shaping up quite nicely in that regard.