Crazy Pierce Brosnan Gets You High In Trailer For URGE

This isn’t going to end well for anyone, but at least Brosnan’s having fun

Pierce Brosnan’s post-Bond career has been a lot of fun to watch. As he ages into a slightly less-refined character actor, he tends to be the best part of whatever movie he’s in, which is good news for really bad movies like last year’s No Escape.

Here comes another wild Brosnan performance in a drug movie called Urge:

As you can see, Brosnan - looking like a vaping version of Satan - plays a guy who sells some twerps a drug that turns their world into a really fun nightmare. He’s also obviously not the star of the show, so anyone coming for Brosnan action alone will probably be disappointed. On the other hand, the craziness hinted at here might be enough to pull the rest of the movie through. One of these days, people will learn to stop taking drugs that glow.

Urge comes out June 3, should you have the urge to see it. Sorry.