Josh Boone Has Co-Written An INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE Remake

And, as is standard policy, we’ve got the Instagram post to prove it.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those whose Instagram posts are news, and those whose Instagram posts aren’t news. You and me? We’re the plebes whose pics of food and animals and misrepresentative selfies go wholly unnoticed by the trades. But Josh Boone, director of The Fault In Our Stars? He has crossed over to the other side of this divide, and for the second time in a week his Instagram feed contains what we, the online media cabal, deem “news.”

#annerice #vampirechronicles #thevampirelestat

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It seems that Boone is filling the Stand-sized hole in his life by rocking out some highly-anticipated screenplays! As you can see from the pic, the Interview With The Vampire script is co-penned by Jill Killington, and is set up at Universal/Imagine (interesting news, in that the 1994 film was a Warner Brothers property). Killington is a former online film writer, giving us all hope that one day OUR Instagram feeds will also be newsworthy. Dream big, gentle reader. (But for real, congrats to Ms. Killington from BMD.)

Much like, oh, every other Boone project in development, the most fun part of parsing this news is the fancasting. Comment section is below. You know what to do.