SUPERGIRL Not Yet Renewed At CBS, Could Join Her Family At CW

So long as she goes SOMEWHERE. I refuse to lose this show.

At $3 million an episode, Supergirl's fate hangs in the balance at CBS. The show's ratings are mediocre by the network's standards, and CBS president Leslie Moonves is in negotiations over the show's future. 

This news makes me extremely nervous, because Supergirl has become my favorite of the DCTV shows, a series of heart, humor, wisdom and optimism that is, as Devin has written, carrying on the Superman legacy in a way that Zack Snyder's Superman clearly never will. Sure, we have a Wonder Woman movie coming out, and Jessica Jones' first season on Netflix was near-perfect, but there's plenty of room - and still more, besides - for all of these superheroines on our big and small screens. Supergirl is the most charming new series of this TV season, and it would be an absolute shame to lose it so soon. 

CBS announces its fall schedule at the upfronts in two weeks, so we should know something by then. One option, long-rumored, is that Supergirl will move over to The CW, which is partially owned by CBS along with Warner Bros. So it makes sense to send The Girl of Steel over there, especially because The CW is home to every other Berlanti-run DCTV series, and Supergirl's ratings probably look better at a smaller network like The CW. But budgets are also smaller at The CW, which means Supergirl will take a budget cut, and some sources are denying the rumor, at any rate. 

Whether she continues to fly on CBS or soars over to The CW, it would be a colossal bummer to lose Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El. She's been the brightest spot on the superhero landscape, and in the wake of a dour, mean-spirited Superman in BvS, we need her more than ever.