The Great Wee Han Solo Search Has Ended

Alden Ehrenreich it is!

We already sort of knew this was how it would turn out, but now it’s official. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alden Ehrenreich will play young Han Solo in the young Han Solo movie, which may possibly be called Young Han Solo (according to me).

If you’ve seen Hail, Caesar! you’ve already been wowed by Alden Ehrenreich at least once. And chances are good you’ve been wowed by Young Han Solo (title pending) directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller a bunch of times. So let’s all just assume this is good news even though on paper a young Han Solo movie isn’t really good news.

The rumor now is that we’ll get to see our lovable scamp Han Solo a bit earlier than we expected as a cameo in Rogue One. That seems like it would be distracting, so I hope not, but who knows. It's a small-ass galaxy.