DOCTOR STRANGE To Feature A Michael Giacchino Score

Prepare yourself for puns.

As much as we generally love Marvel movie characters, they haven’t really been able to boast memorable musical themes to call their own the way Donner’s Superman or Burton’s Batman enjoyed. Imagine how great it would be if Captain America or Iron Man had an instantly identifiable theme to go along with their already hefty iconography.

Doctor Strange has a chance, however. According to his Twitter feed, fan-favorite Michael Giacchino will be working on the film, one presumes in a musical capacity:

Few newer composers out there have been able to make as big a name for themselves as Giacchino. Not everything he composes is instantly memorable (I am super fond of his Star Trek score, but couldn't tell you what Jurassic World's music sounded like); nevertheless, he has a good track record of pulling this stuff off. If nothing else, you can at least count on the Doctor Strange soundtrack being full of hilarious punny titles.