Hey, Look, Paul Thomas Anderson Directed Radiohead’s New Music Video

It's pretty chill.

Earlier this week, Radiohead unexpectedly dropped a brand-new video on us. Clearly inspired by The Wicker Man and featuring some legitimately unsettling stop-motion animation, we looked upon it and saw that it was good. Now, just three days later, they're back with another clip. 

As an added bonus, it's directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. 

As an added added bonus, Anderson's video was accompanied by an announcement: Radiohead's new album will be released on May 8th at 7pm BST. Will we see another video between now and then? No idea, but it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility. Radiohead's clearly having fun with this release (in a move that's typically cryptic of the band, the new album doesn't even seem to have a name yet), and these surprise clips are only helping to build the hype. 

As for the song featured in the video above ("Daydreaming"): it's relaxing and there's something oddly soothing about watching Thom Yorke parade his way through all those doors, but I'm not crazy about the track itself.

What do you guys think?