Paul Thomas Anderson Has Sent 35mm Prints Of His New Radiohead Video To Theaters

This is so cool.

We shared with you the latest Radiohead video, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. And while you can watch the video on your computer, the director has made sure that you can watch it in another way: he has sent 35mm copies to theaters across the country that have 35mm projectors. Here in LA the New Beverly and the Egyptian/Aero theaters have gotten copies, as have Alamo Drafthouse theaters and the Metrograph in New York City, among others.

This is so cool! And it speaks to something I have long wanted to see return to movie screens: pre-show entertainment. And I don't mean the cool stuff that the Alamo plays on screen while you're getting seated and waiting for the movie to start. I mean what my grandfather experienced when he went to the movies in the 30s: a cartoon and a short film, a newsreel and other fun ephemera. These days we suffer through commercials and junk - wouldn't it be way cooler if that time were spent showing us fun, interesting or original things? 

The New Beverly has begun doing this in its new, run by Quentin Tarantino era - there's a Looney Tunes cartoon that plays before most showings (I won't say all because I haven't been to all, but they have played before all the ones I've been to). It's a wonderful experiene - you settle in and laugh for four minutes and then the trailers play (just a handful) and then the movie starts. It creates a totality of experience that reiterates the idea that going to the movies is an experience

Kudos to PTA for sending the video out to theaters. And now you have another excuse to visit your local 35mm stalwart cinema!