Idris Elba And Jessica Chastain Likely To Join Aaron Sorkin Directorial Debut MOLLY’S GAME

How fast can they talk?

Love him or hate him, Aaron Sorkin is a writer who gets people’s opinions flowing. Now he’s going to be a writer-director who makes people really happy or mad. Which is to say Sorkin’s going to make his directorial debut with a film called Molly’s Game.

For that to work, the guy’s going to need actors. And according to Variety, he may have a couple of great ones in the form of Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain. Elba is in talks; Chastain is in negotiations. That means both are probably going to join the film, but one is currently more probably joining the film than the other.

The film itself is about a former athlete who takes a year off from school after failing to join an Olympic team. She gets a job as a waitress and manages to turn that gig into a very lucrative, highly exclusive poker game for almost a decade. Presumably she also speaks in very clever ways at high speeds while walking down hallways. That’s Chastain’s potential role. Elba’s has not been revealed.

I enjoy most Aaron Sorkin stuff I see, so I’m excited for this. Hopefully it lives up to the potential of his better scripts and doesn’t sink into a mush of arrogance, idealism, and unfortunate female characters.