The Canon Episode 76: MARATHON MAN

Is it safe for this thriller to enter The Canon?

"Is it safe?"

If you're of a certain age, that line is a famous all-time quote. If you're of Amy's age (which ain't even that young, what the hell), that line means nothing. And so comes the crux of the debate on this week's The Canon, centered around Marathon Man. For our 76th episode I wanted to do a movie from 1976, and I decided to pick not a slam dunk like Network or Taxi Driver but a movie that could engender a litle bit more debate and discussion. William Goldman's script, as directed by John Schlesinger, is a muscular and exciting thriller with some smart things to say about revenge, memory and the nature of masculinity. And it has one of the all-time dental torture scenes, overseen by Sir Laurence Olivier.

But is all of that enough? It's up to you guys to decide; listen to the show, watch the movie and then place your vote right here

Be back next week as shit gets heated (seriously) as we discuss Seven.