Here’s The Creepy First Trailer For Adam Wingard’s THE WOODS

The creative team behind THE GUEST and YOU'RE NEXT are taking us into the woods.

We've had Adam Wingard's The Woods on our radar for some time now, and today we're finally getting our first look at the film. 

Let's go to the (found footage) tape.

Well, that's...interesting. 

As of now, very little is known about The Woods, but it looks - and sounds - like your average found footage horror joint. But knowing the work of director Wingard and writer Simon Barrett (who worked together on The Guest and You're Next), this one's probably not as simple as it appears to be. I look forward to being blindsided by whatever twist it has in store for us.

And we won't have to wait much longer! The Woods arrives this September. You looking forward to it or what?