Ridley Scott And Drew Goddard Re-teaming For WRAITHS OF THE BROKEN LAND

Based on the novel by BONE TOMAHAWK’s S. Craig Zahler!

Everyone and their mother (especially their mother) went and saw the fun and inspiring The Martian last year. So please tell your mom that the people who made it are getting back together to make another movie. Just don’t tell her the part where it’ll be absolutely nothing like The Martian.

According to Deadline, Ridley Scott and writer Drew Goddard are teaming up to adapt a novel called Wraiths of the Broken Land. If that title sounds too cool for school, know the book was written by Bone Tomahawk’s S. Craig Zahler.

That’s a pretty decent combination of talented people. Scott and Goddard certainly worked some magic on The Martian. Now they can try it again with a story that sounds way more typically badass. Here’s the synopsis they have over at Deadline:

Wraiths Of The Broken Land is a Western, set near the Mexican border at the turn of the previous century. A group of men assemble and storm across the badlands to find their captive sisters, doing anything they deem necessary to achieve their goal. Lives, ethics and sanity are imperiled during the wild, brutal struggle that ensues and nobody is safe. 

It doesn’t mention cannibalistic cave-dwellers, but I’m sure they’re showing up at some point. No word on when this’ll get started. I imagine it will be a while, though. Both guys have about 500 projects currently on their plates.