The First Trailer For Kevin Smith’s YOGA HOSERS Is Here


Good morning.

The first trailer for Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers just arrived. 

You'll recall that this is the second film in Smith's "True North Trilogy", after the truly interminable Tusk. It features Johnny Depp reprising his Guy LaPointe role from that film, along with lead performances from Smith and Depp's daughters (Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Melody Depp), a supporting turn from Smith's wife, and a number of highly questionable special effects. 

While I think this looks ridiculous, I'll concede that Smith seems to be working in more familiar territory here than he did in Tusk and Red State. This is one nice thing I can say about the trailer. Another would be that Lily-Rose Depp seems to have genuine screen presence, and appears to be delivering her lines way more believably than virtually anyone else seen here. End positive comments.

Smith's taking Yoga Hosers out on the road starting in June. Tickets cost $37, or $150 if you want to splurge on the VIP meet-and-greet package. The tour poster looks like this:

If you don't think putting "Wurst Movie Ever" on that poster is a pre-emptive strike against critics, you do not know Kevin Smith.

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