Michael Shannon And Channing Tatum Are Heist-Pulling Brothers In Steven Soderbergh’s LUCKY LOGAN

At a NASCAR event, no less.

My god, people.

For those of us who count ourselves uber-fans of Mr. Michael Corbett Shannon, it is truly a special time to be alive.

Not two days ago we learned that Shannon would next appear in Pottersville, a film that will feature - among other things - a sequence wherein Michael Shannon drunkenly rampages through a small town while wearing a homemade gorilla costume. Just hours before that, we learned that Shannon had joined Guillermo del Toro's supernatural romance The Shape Of The Water, where he'll play a villain trying to stop a Mer-man from being in love with a Human-lady.

And now this is happening: Michael Shannon and Channing Tatum are joining Steve Soderbergh's (!!!) Lucky Logan as two brothers who pull off a big heist during a NASCAR event. Though The Hollywood Reporter's announcement does not make it explicit, my strong suspicion - for various circumstantial reasons - is that Shannon and Tatum will be playing hillbilly brothers. Perhaps even dimwitted hillbilly brothers. Just imagine what that movie would be like.

Take a minute before moving on if you have become dizzy. 

Also joining Tatum and Shannon are Riley Keough and Adam Driver. Keough you might recognize from Soderbergh's STARZ series, The Girlfriend Experience. Driver, of course, you will remember from HBO's Girls, and definitely nothing else everyone might have seen recently.

Rights to the film are being shopped around at the Cannes Film Festival as we speak. If any of you are there you oughtta get in on that action.