The First Trailer For ASSASSIN’S CREED Is Gorgeous And Weird

Well, it certainly looks pretty.

The first trailer for Justin Kurzel's Assassin's Creed has arrived, and it's...well, says it right there in the headline: it's gorgeous, and it's also a little weird. 

Watch this and see if anything strikes you as strange.

See what I mean? The footage itself is undeniably gorgeous (and there's a few killer compositions scattered throughout the sea of pixels being used to bring the 15th century to life), and my man Michael Fassbenders definitely looks the part, but...this trailer's really strange, right?

Marion Cotillard rattles off several heavily-stilted line readings (she says " the Spanish Inquisition" exactly like John Hammond welcoming guests to Jurassic Park). They sorta stop explaining the plot about halfway through. The needle drop feels way wrong. Some of the rooftop parkour looks right, while other sequences look oddly claustrophobic. Some shots look like they cost a million bucks, others look curiously cheap.

What a weird introduction this is. Whatever. Overall, I like this trailer. I will see this movie.

Assassin's Creed opens on December 21st and unless I'm forgetting something will have no competition at the holiday box office. 

What do you guys think?